Woman Alleges Assault In 911 Call From French Montana’s House

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The rapper was not involved

A woman called 911 to claim that she was assaulted at French Montana’s birthday party. In newly obtained audio, the woman can be heard telling an operator that she was drugged and assaulted at the “Unforgettable” rapper’s 33rd birthday bash.

French threw a party for himself in November and, although it started in Beverly Hills, Montana eventually moved the whole function to his house in Calabasas. While the party raged on well into the morning, it clearly wasn’t a good time for everyone. Police were called to break up a fight between two women around 7 a.m., and another woman called the law claiming she had been assaulted.

The woman urged the dispatcher to send police to her location, but she has trouble telling them where she is. She attempts several times to send texts of pictures of her location to the dispatcher only to be told that she can’t.

“This guy keeps pushing me,” she tells the dispatcher in audio uncovered by TMZ. “At French Montana’s house. They gave us drugs. They took our shoes and they kicked us out,” the woman attempts to explain. She goes on to say that the men in question tried to force themselves upon the women, and that they eventually threw them outside, unclothed.

When the dispatcher asked what was around her, the woman replied “Calabasas” which — while technically true — is not exactly helpful in sending out an emergency response.

Police did arrive eventually and found two women fighting. The women were made to leave. They found no proof of the claims that the woman made and made no arrests.

While the allegations stemmed from French Montana’s party, the woman never accused French himself of any wrongdoing. The rapper is not under investigation at this time.

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