This Is McF*cked Up! Woman Throws Hands With Pregnant Mother CARRYING Her Toddler

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"This is ghetto, b*tch."

There are some people out there who will fight no matter the situation and one of them happens to work in a North Houston McDonald’s.

That’s where a (we assume former) McDonald’s crew person and a customer got into an altercation, even though the customer was pregnant and carrying another one of her children.

The customer — identified by Houston’s ABC affiliate as Carla DeLeon — can be seen exchanging words with the employee who appears to be on break before things get nasty. They yell back and forth, with DeLeon calling the employee a “ghetto b*tch” several times. The employee gets in DeLeon’s face and dares her to hit her before walking off to fill up a drink.

When DeLeon continues to talk about her as she goes to get drink, the employee comes back and dumps her drink on her. Punches begin to fly even as DeLeon holds her child to her chest.

“I’m gonna show you ghetto right now,” said the employee as she walked up on DeLeon with a drink and then poured it on her head. “That’s ghetto, b*tch.”

A manager jumped in between them as DeLeon put her child down while fighting with her available hand. The scuffle moved across the lobby but no one could get the employee to release her grip on the pregnant woman’s hair.

“I’m pregnant,” she shouted.

“I don’t give a f*ck,” the employee yelled back.

Several other employees and bystanders jumped in to try and pull them apart though it is unclear what ends the fight on the video. DeLeon told the local news station that her daughter was injured in the fight and that it was an interaction with her daughter that started the whole fight.

pregnant mcdonalds fight

Source: WorldStarHipHop