Woman Has Proof That Offset Got Her Pregnant… Cardi and Offset Call BS

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When it rains, it pours

A good couple can’t ever just live…

Cardi B and Offset have just reached their two-months-of-engagement mark (Dec. 28). Rather than focusing on wedding planning though, the couple has been in major damage control mode after Offset’s iCloud was compromised by a still-unknown hacker.

Along with the hack came leaked videos that sparked rumors that Offset cheated on Cardi B before they were engaged. Like a wild fire, the allegations hit social media and subsequently every major online media outlet.

The rappers didn’t let the rumor mill rock their boat, but Cardi did comment on the leaked video. During an Instagram Live video, Cardi shared that this “controversy” had the worst timing.

“I really hate when s**t like this happens because it takes away from my work. It takes away from my plans,” Cardi said. “The focus is not on my s**t,” she continued, citing that “Bartier Cardi” should be the main focus right now. “The gossip always over-beats.”

Offset’s cheating allegations hadn’t even all the way subsided, before this recent allegation of him having a n o t h e r baby on the way hit the internet.

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Source: Instagram @iamcardib