Woman Sentenced After Lying in Waka Flocka Shooting Case

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A woman has been sentenced to six months in prison for lying on the stand in a case that stemmed from a Charlotte shootout involving Waka Flocka Flame. Tonya Leshun Hall was sentenced to six months in prison after a judge ruled that she had lied in court while testifying on behalf of Waka’s mother Debra Atney.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Hall testified in a case involving Atney back in 2016. Atney was being sued by a man who was shot by one of Waka’s security guards in the aforementioned Charlotte incident because Atney owns businesses related to Waka.

Hall told the court at the time that she was a licensed accountant who graduated from Emory University. She said that she had looked over Atney’s finances and determined that Atney would be unable to pay any damages to the plaintiff. She admitted later that all of this was a lie. She had never attended Emory and was not an accountant.

She pleaded guilty to contempt of court and faces six months in prison.


Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images