Bat S#!% Racist Woman Tries To Citizen’s Arrest Innocent Couple For…

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This lady tried to arrest a Latino couple for using a park near her house.

With the proliferation of camera phones, we get to see a lot more of the world that used to be relegated to “swear to God”-style stories. You know, the sort of thing that we all believed happened, in some respects, but everyone exaggerates for the sake of a good story, right?

The ability of just about everyone to record video means we can confirm our wildest tales, from the sickest drunken backflips to the the weirdest strangers. And that definitely includes random drunk biddies going peak wypipo. When we last checked in with this sub-genre of viral video, the internet was going wild over a racist old lady in a hotel lobby learning that punks jump up to get beat down. While this latest instance is less immediately satisfying, it does confirm the theory that well-manicured subdivisions have as much trash as anywhere else. In the case of tonier addresses, they’ve just replaced broken glass with racist SUV drivers.

That’s how we end up with this walking embodiment of Pensacola trying to make a citizen’s arrest on a Mexican family trying to go to the park. Apparently, she thought they were in the neighborhood to “do drugs” — y’all remember driving to the local cul-de-sac to gear up? — and decided to flop on their car rather than letting them pass.

The confrontation starts in media res, with the woman already yelling at the family for daring to drive on a public street near her. She’s sitting on the hood of the family’s car to keep them from moving.

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