Women Sues Meek Mill for Assault and Battery

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Terrible Timing

Meek Mill literally can’t catch a break. As he sits in prison riding out his two-to-four year sentence, a Houston native has thrown her lawsuit onto the pile of Meek’s lawyer’s things-to-do.

According to the suit, the “All Eyes on You” rapper allegedly punched a women named Cree Melvin in the face during an appearance at Dreams Lounge in Houston. The documents explain that while Meek was arguing with Dreams Lounge’s owner, he kept bumping into Melvin. When Melvin let Meek know that he was pushing her, she claims Meek yelled that he was “a made ni–a” before punching her.

So, Melvin is suing the rapper for damages that resulted from the assault and battles. A specific amount has not been disclosed.

meek mill close up

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images