Nasty Fight Goes South Quick After Dude Falls Down Elevator Shaft

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This is the strangest end to a fight ever.

Think of the strangest fight you’ve ever seen. Now, what made it strange?

Were the participants unexpected? Maybe you’ve seen a brawl starring a person who, until that moment, you thought wouldn’t hurt a fly. Or maybe you’ve seen a scrap between two wildly mismatched people, like Verne Troyer v. Shaq.

Was it in a weird spot? It’s possible you’ve seen someone throw down in the line at Disneyland. If you have friends who throw hands in church, that’s for God to judge, not us.

The rarest of weird fights are the kinds with twist endings. Something from outside of the circle the two fighters are making comes in to end it. The Universe pulls an RKO outta nowhere.

Here we have one fight that features all three. The fracas was recently uploaded to the internet and it might be the oddest fight you’ll ever see. Security cameras caught the two unlikely scrappers going at it. And they also caught what happened next.

elevator fight

Source: Bitch Your Famous

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