Tiny’s Career Comeback Is Affecting Her Repaired Relationship with T.I.

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Who'd a thunk?

Tiny and T.I. have been working hard on getting their marriage back on track. According to a source who spoke to HollywoodLife, they’re getting some help from an outside source: Xscape fans.

According to the anonymous tipster, Tiny is riding high off of Xscape’s successful reunion, and it’s doing wonders for her relationship when she comes home.

“Tiny is super psyched about the future right now, her marriage to Tip is firmly back on the right track again, and the band’s new EP is about to be released,” the source said. “Tiny feels totally on her game right now, she’s absolutely loving life, and is completely re-energized. Tiny’s actually enjoying recording and performing even more this time round, and she feels blessed to be given this second chance to bask in the spotlight.”

The source went on to say that T.I. is definitely feeling the energy that his wife is putting out.

“And it’s not just Tiny that’s on a high — Tip is falling back in love with Tiny all over again,” they said. “Her renewed confidence and energy is a massive turn on for him.”

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images