‘XXL’ Freshmen Look Back on Their Cover and Careers

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While music magazines have been on the decline popularity-wise, the XXL Freshmen Class continues to be an important touchstone both for hip-hop fans and artists. The annual title of “next rapper up” is such a force that even opting out of the come-up cover (as Drake and Nicki Minaj both did) can be an important part of someone’s climb. While fighting over the yearly selections and snubs is definitely the most popular way to interact with the list, the second is to look back and see which artists the prognosticators got wrong and which ones they got right.

XXL knows that people love to look back on their Freshmen classes to see if they ever graduated to actual stardom. This year, the magazine put in the legwork and caught up with their previous honorees, asking them how the cover affected their career.

Check out some of their explanations below.

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