YBN Almighty Jay Just “Dumped” Blac Chyna

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"Im a free man"

As a hip-hop fan, I can say that in all my years of following the culture, I’ve never heard of anyone in the industry meeting each other on a dating website, let alone one for Christians. Well, if you’ve been following YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna’s relationship, you’re well aware that the two met on Christian Mingle — or so the 18-year-old rapper claims.

“I was searching on Christian Mingle and sh*t, and I seen her profile pop up and I’m like, ‘This b*tch is fire,'” he said in an interview.

They haven’t been the most conventional couple, Jay being 18, Chyna, 30, but that never stopped the two from professing their love to each other. They’ve have been going strong since they revealed their relationship in March. But now, it looks like the Texas-born rapper has given the mother-of-two the boot.