Yo Gotti Says He’s Got ZERO Problems With Young Dolph Then Pulls Out Receipts

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Let's end this

Between Young Dolph’s High Class Street Music 4: American Gangster and Cross Country Trappin, 2014 was a good year for the rapper. Everyone, except maybe Yo Gotti fans, blasted his music in their cars.

Right after American Gangster‘s release, the Memphis rapper guest starred on an episode of the radio show Sway in the Morning. During his interview, he discussed his then newly-released project and his decision to turn down a record deal from Yo Gotti.

“Alotta folks, alotta people, everybody almost done came to me with different situations, like man let help you with this and do this, and do that. But, me, in my position, like, I got too much of my own money tied in this and too much of my own time in it. Like I got too much invested in it, you feel what I’m saying? Gotti wanted me […] Like ‘man come on, let’s do CMG paper route.’ That’s cool. I don’t knock him for that. If I was him, I would have came to me like that. Know what I’m sayin’?”

Dolph went on to explain that he put too much effort into his craft to have people believing he “popped off because of Gotti.” Most thought the rapper explained himself well in the interview, but these comments would later be thought of as the basis of a beef that seemed to appear out of no where.

Yo Gotti never responded to the interview or gave a comment about Dolph declining his offer. Though, somehow by February of 2016 the beef had escalated, even becoming social media worthy. “Bra went from bein my #1 fan and wanting to sign me to bein my BIGGEST HATER #Facts,” Young Dolph tweeted. The rapper then turned around and downplayed the beef on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, calling the dispute “overstated.” Yet and still, here we are…

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