You Can Bet These 8 Hip-Hop Artists Won’t Be Voting for Donald Trump

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FDT = F**k Donald Trump

Donald Trump gets no love from the black community. And after last night’s debate, well, let’s just say that, that just adds to the many reasons Trump won’t be getting the black vote. The hip-hop community alone has been very vocal in speaking their true feelings on Trump. But they aren’t just speaking about it, they’re doing something about it.

Rappers and members of the hip-hop community have been stepping up in coming together to make sure that every person participates in this year’s election. From tweeting out their concerns to ranting on Instagram videos to performing “I f**king hate you, Donald Trump” monologues on national talk shows, the members of the hip-hop community are not afraid to let you know who they are NOT voting for.

Donald Trump speaks during an event at Trump SoHo Hotel, June 22, 2016 in New York City. Trump's remarks focused on criticisms of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

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These hip-hoppers won't be voting for Donald Trump!