“He Don’t Be in the Hood”: Young Nudy Calls Out Gucci Mane on Instagram

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Challenging the Elders

He gave hip-hop “Hell Shell” and “Yeah Yeah,” and now, Young Nudy is giving Guwop a run for his money. With the release of Gucci Mane’s autobiography, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, this past September, Gucci fans got to know him a little bit. Within the 304-page work, a gas station in Gucci’s home town (the Texaco on Bouldercrest) is a frequent backdrop.

Many years and checks later, the Atlanta native recently went to visit the Texaco on Bouldercrest, documenting the event on Instagram. In a string of posts, the Mr. Davis rapper let everyone know that he still “run Bouldercrest like #ElGato.”

However, Young Nudy found that statement debatable.

Gucci’s fellow ATL artist Nudy offered fans a picture of him and his team at the same Texaco on Bouldercrest, warning them to not believe Guwop’s hype.

gucci mane smiling

Source: Instagram @laflare1017