“B*tch U Goin Die”… Young Thug Begs for Jerrika’s Forgiveness Then Sends Death Threats

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Young Thug is an enigma

Young Thug’s messy falling out with Jerrika Karlae continues to be as uncomfortable and public as can be. Thug has responded to Jerrika airing his dirty laundry with an equally open-air apology. He posted a video of himself pleading for Karlae to forgive him for stepping out.

“Gimme a chance. I promise I won’t mess up no more,” he said. “Everybody tell her to give me one chance. Tell her to give me one more chance and I promise I won’t mess up again. I promise.”

The apology was muddled by a later post where Thug backpedaled and claimed that the explicit pictures sent on the phone found by Karlae weren’t meant for him.

“Them wasn’t even my folk, man,” he said. “Six n*ggas be using that phone, man. Wasn’t even my folk.”

Thug inexplicably followed up that message with a clip bragging about the fact that he was about to take a private flight to D.C. Then, he posted a video of himself pretending to cry with his nose in a tissue.

In case you weren’t confused enough, Thug capped all the apologizing, backpedaling and crocodile tears with a death threat pointed at his estranged lady.

After Jerrika tweeted that she was “back on the market,” Thug posted a threatening tweet.

“What market??” he wrote. “B*tch u goin die OnGod.”

Fans reacted with confusion. And not the typical confusion they come to Thug for.

A typical response was a video of Thug saying “whoa whoa whoa, big guy. You sound like you frustrated and mad.”

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