Young Thug’s Fiancée Blasts Him for Cheating… Sidechick Claps Back

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Things are messy in Young Thug's world

Jerrika Karlae and Young Thug are blowing up in a very public way.

Karlae posted what appeared to be illicit texts between her long-term man Thugger and some other woman with the caption “some friend I have.” That would have been a juicy enough bit of gossip, but Karlae was far from done.

“N*ggas be wanting they b*tch to look bad because of the sick sh*t they be doing in the dark #dontgetmadwhenipullayouonyou,” she wrote in a later Snapchat. Then, she shared several images of the side women that Thug is allegedly seeing.

When The Shade Room posted her snaps to Instagram, the side chicks came out of the woodwork to defend themselves.

“B*tch, you so lame for posting my picture, you insecure b*tch,” wrote Amy Luciani on Instagram. “You going through Thug phone for what? H*e, you’re not his girlfriend. You real petty but, one thing about it, I’m not an internet thug. Calling me a ‘man’ but I took your man.”

“Jerrika calling me a side piece,” Luciani continued in a post to her own Snapchat. “How I’m a side piece to the side piece? As if myself nor Thug has time to entertain your foolishness. Remember, it’s two sides to every story, simple b*tch. Then you’re playing on my phone at 4 AM. Thug, get her.”

Luciani also went after Jerrika in the DMs for blasting her photo everywhere. “Lame h*e,” she said. “You so whack for posting my pic. I just saw it on The Shade Room. Come on, sis. You mad or no?”

Luciani also posted another post defending herself to the wider world.

“Let’s be clear,” she said. “I’m no side chick. People are so quick to jump to what the media puts out. What this little troll did was really petty. I won’t speak bad on Young Thug because he’s a great guy however I will say you can’t TAKE what you didn’t have. Now on a higher note. Everybody have a splendid day Don’t believe the hype. If I wanted attention I could’ve been exposed things. It’s not that serious.”

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