YoungBoy Never Broke Again Has a Message for the Dude Who Jacked His Chain

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YoungBoy says his chain snatchers are liars

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has responded to some men who claimed to have stolen his chain. After the jackers posted videos of themselves wearing his instantly recognizable NBA accessory, the rapper accused them of lying about how they got it.

YoungBoy doesn’t deny that it’s his chain, but he says the men didn’t take it from him. According to YoungBoy, the chain was snatched from an associate of his while the star was performing.

“You lil’ b*tch a** boy. You ain’t snatch sh*t off my neck. B*tch you snatched off his neck,” the rapper said while pointing the camera at the person who let his chain get got. “You ain’t snatch sh*t off my neck, f*ck wrong with you man. Don’t sit up there and lie. I ain’t tripping off all that sh*t. You know a n*gga ain’t never play with me like that.”

The snatchers posted videos to social media where they wore his chain and asked for 20-50 thousand dollars to return the chain. They said that the Baton Rouge rapper was “caught slippin” and they poked fun at him for losing his diamond-studded neckwear.

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Source: Instagram @nba_youngboy