Yung Berg Arrested for 9-Year-Old Warrant

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Berg got caught while getting caught

Yung Berg’s legal history is so convoluted that he’s getting caught while getting caught. According to TMZ, the Love & Hip Hop star was caught in Miami with a negligible amount of weed. That wouldn’t have been a big problem, but the police found out that Berg had a nine-year-old warrant related to another drug charge. So, Berg was promptly taken to jail.

TMZ has the details:

“Berg was in Miami in October for the BET awards, when cops were called to the hotel where he was staying after a woman claimed he unwantedly wrapped his arms around her. There was some sort of altercation in the hallway where one of Berg’s friends allegedly put hands on her…Cops ran his record and found he blew off a court date for another pot bust 9 years ago, so they hauled him off to jail.”

The gossip website also said that Berg has been released.

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