‘LHHH’ Star Gets Yanked by Security… Turns Into Brawl

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Zell can't stop fighting

Zell Swag can’t seem to stay out of trouble once he’s in the club. Fans have already caught him squaring up with Love & Hip Hop OG Erica Mena in a nightclub, and it looks like things got beyond jawing in his latest late-night scuffle.

Zell can be seen being locked up and dragged away by security in the footage, and the reaction to him being tossed from the club shiny jacket first was so strong that he felt the need to explain himself. Zell said the fight stemmed from security asking him for a VIP wristband even though he was hosting a night at the club.

“I said ‘Wristband? I don’t need no wristband. I’m hosting a party’ and I kept on walking.”

Swag said that security snatched him from behind and again asked him to show his wristband.

“He said ‘You need a wristband to be up here.’ I said ‘N*gga, I’m hosting this f*cking party. I’m on every f*cking layer,” he said.

He said that when he tried to walk away again and at that point the guard snatched him again. Then, Swag shoved the security guard and the fight kicked off. Swag said that he jumped on the guard and beat him bloody as the guard reached for a taser.

More than a few fans couldn’t help but point out that Swag’s version of events didn’t match the video footage. The scenes from inside the club seem to show Swag being summarily dealt with and dragged around by his neck. The security guard in question never seems to go to the ground or get beaten in the manner that Swag said.

That might explain why Swag’s friend was so reluctant to co-sign his version of the story. In his video explanation, he says that there’s “blood everywhere” and when he asks for backup from another occupant of his car, she just waves it off.

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