Game Knows Who Broke Into Chris Brown’s House

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the game BET AWARDS ’14 – Radio Broadcast Center – Day 1

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Over the weekend, Game and Chris Brown got into a social spat over the weekend after the rapper followed Karrueche and thirsted over a bunch of her old pics. The back and forth led to Wackstar, the MC’s old manager chiming in defense of the singer, claiming the former G-Unit artist is just salty he gave Breezy has a Compton hood pass.

Game fired back at Wackstar accusing him of being the mastermind behind Chris Brown’s home robbery.

“Tell these fans who really had Chris Brown auntie tied up & his house broke into you pussy ass faggot…When I see you I’m gone break yo fuckin jaw…So have yo gun on you pussy”

Wackstar responded by flaming Game for dating a teenager, climing he was “waiting on that lil girl to turn 18.”

Chris Brown seems unfazed by the beef and responded with a meme of him and Game fighting. SHARE this with your friends.


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