Get This Woman A Show: The Best Khadi Don Videos

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Over the years, the Internet has seen lots of funny videos and Youtube personalities come to light, but every so often, social media comes across someone special. Khadi Don might be doing videos on topics that the typical comedian online would cover, but she has her own twist on them that takes them over the top. Fans are lining up to see what her next video is going to be, and her lack of filter, and chill, is definitely to her advantage.

Khadi Don Who’s That B*tch

Source: Twitter @KhadiDon

Check out the best videos from Khadi Don on the following pages.

Her Grand Theft Auto version of how a mom finds a way to beat their child

Doesn’t every mom go through this in actuality?

When she showed us how girls respond to guys back in the 90’s and now

Tevin Campbell probably also just wanted to suck on those…nevermind.