Ghostface: “Drake Is Brilliant”

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Ghostface said “Drake Is Brilliant” and compliments the rapper’s music in an interview with a Canadian publication. He further showed love to the chart-topping Toronto native by cosigning his lyrical prowess: I dont look at Drake like these other little rhyme guys nowadays, because I think he can really spit a rhyme. So I put him in a different category. Drake has shown The Iron Man and Wu-Tang love by often sampling the group. Read more quotes from Ghostface on Drake below and the full interview here.

A lot of people might try to play him out but Im a lyricist, so once my antennas go up and I hear somebody who sounds really nice on the beat and got a lot of fans and stuff like that I keep listening to him. Hes just one who caught my ear. Hes really, really doing his thing. I cant (dump) on him. Nothing bad I can really say about him.