Ghostface Killah is Joining the Marijuana Industry

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Ghostface Killah selling Wu Goo

Source: Twitter @Vulture

You gotta love it when a rapper exudes that entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve seen a lot of rappers take the leap in hopes of trying to find life outside of rap. Recently, Ghostface decided to join the rat race in building a business of his own.

According to Billboard, the Wu-Tang rapper is lending a helping hand in propelling a new line of weed oil called “Woo Goo.” In order to turn his dream into reality, Face teamed up with Dr. Zodiak’s Dynamite Stix – a vape pen maker in creating the product.

He and his fellow Wu-Tang member, Killah Priest even shot an informercial to push his newest idea.

Wu-Goo is the Real Thing!

In his informercial, Ghostface explains where his product has its advantages. “You can hit this anywhere wherever the f-ck you wanna hit it. You can hit it in front of your moms, man. She not gonna smell it.”

After being released a month ago, reports indicated that the product has received positive reviews. If you guys are interested in giving it a taste, you can purchase it here.

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