Red Bull Music Academy Presents: The Golden Era of New York Radio

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Through a nostalgic and informative documentary, Revolutions On Air: The Golden Era of New York Radio, Red Bull Music Academy takes us on a 17 minute trip back in time to the golden era of hip-hop on New York Radio (1980-88). Believe it or not, way before the infamous Hot 97 & popular Power 105, it was a challenge, if you were a hip-hop mc to get air time. Back in the 80’s, when hip-hop was still a baby and local radio was super influential- mix show legends like Kool DJ Red Alert and Marley Marl broke through conventionalism. Through setting precedents for a no rules type attitude when it came to showcasing and blending various hip-hop, electro and house music, these pioneers along with a ton of others made history. Check the full documentary out here.