Grab The Popcorn: Best Sports Movies Of All-Time

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When sports and film collide, you get a magical combination. People easily gravitate towards sports movies because of the suspense, the adversity, and comeback. It’s hard to mold a great sports movie without having these integral ingredients.

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He Got GameĀ (1998)

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Denzel Washington and Ray Allen forged an incredible bond together when they teamed up for Spike Lee’s 1998 masterpiece He Got Game. The basketball-laden film highlighted a Brooklyn high school player attracted by the idea of becoming an NBA superstar while trying to rebuild his broken relationship with his estranged father.

Above the Rim (1994)

Duane Martin stars as a high school star with goals and aspirations of being a top-notch college player at Georgetown. But before he can turn his dream into reality, he is tackled by the street life led by Tupac Shakur’s character Birdy.