Great Terrible Songs In Hip Hop

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Over the years, hip hop has heard some some pretty terribly amazing bangers that might not display the most talent in the game, but definitely will keep everyone belting out the lyrics. Whether it’s a song for the turnup, a song for the bedroom, or just a rap track that went too mainstream, rap has seen some pretty rough songs that we just can’t resist. We compiled the songs in hip hop over the years that may not contain the most talent, but you will surely be turning up to it when you hear it.

best rap songs dilemma

Source: YouTube/ NellyVEVO

Here are some of the great terrible songs that hip hop has seen.

Sisqo – “The Thong Song”


Source: Def Soul Records

Sisqo had every girl singing their hearts out about wearing a thong, and every guy singing about wanting to see girls wear them. It was a smash sensation for months.

Mystikal – “Shake It Fast”

Mark Ronson & Mystikal

Source: Youtube @theellenshow

Mystikal had such a unique voice on songs, and “Shake It Fast” was definitely one that hip hop was addicted to in the clubs, despite it’s lack of real content.