Happy Birthday DJ Spinderella

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Happy Birthday Spinderella
By:Robert Mora
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Today at HHMW we’re celebrating the birthday of Deidra Muriel Roper aka DJ Spinderella, the official DJ for the rap trio, Salt-N-Pepa. (Even though ¬†as I like to call her 1/3 of the group, she is much more than a DJ to other fans).

Spinderella has set groundbreaking achievements in the hip-hop world and in life. As being a female and DJ in a predominantly male-driven business, her presence says a lot. Spinderella has earned a Grammy, an American Award winner, and also a MTV Music Video award. In terms of achieving success and gaining super-star status, she set an example (for other young females) that you did not just have to be a video girl to be within the world of hip-hop. And because of her achievement in hip-hop music, we applaud you Spinderella!

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