Happy Birthday Xzibit

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xzibit on the private jet

Source: Instagram @Xzibit

Today at HHMW we would like to celebrate the birth of recording artist Alvin Nathaniel Jones Joiner better known as X-to-the-Z aka Xzibit. He turned 41 today.

Xzibit’s big break came with his third studio album Restless. It featured many guest features; from Snoop to Eminem, KRS-One, and others, and the album sold considerably well (2 million plus).

His love for success wouldn’t stop there: he went on to produce and star in a show called Pimp My Ride where he restored, quite lavishly, cars for car owners with great results. The show lasted for five years before MTV cancelled due to low viewership.

Xzibit would also venture off into acting where he co-starred with Busta Rhymes in the film Full Clip. We here at HHMW would  like to commend Xzibit on his lengthy career and wish him nothing but continued success.

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