NO MORE DEAD PRESIDENTS: Harriet Tubman May Soon Be The Face of The $20 bill

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In a recent campaign, “Woman On the 20s”, abolitionist and humanitarian¬†Harriet Tubman beat out other pioneering women (Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and others) to replace Andrew Jackson on the new US $20 bill with 118,328 votes.

Since Tubman won the competition, a petition has been sent to President Obama asking him “to order the Secretary of the Treasury to change the current portrait portrayed on our American $20 bank note to reflect the remarkable accomplishments of an exemplary American woman who has helped shape our Nation’s great history.” Apparently, President Obama has publicly expressed featuring more women on US currency. So hopefully, along with the the votes and petition, Obama will rule in favor of this historical replacement. If passed, this victory comes two years after Tubman’s centennial death in 1913. Stay tuned as we bring you more details.

Check out this dope video, “The People’s Petition For Change,” that has the nation in support of getting a woman on the $20!

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