Has Dave Chappelle Lost His Funny???

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Getty Images: Mike Coppola

Funny man Dave Chappelle performed in Detroit, MI last week and apparently didn’t seem so funny. As apart of his comeback tour, Chappelle did two performances in one night. The first show went off without a hitch, but the second show not so good. Allegedly a drunk Chappelle took stage and told very few jokes. Instead, he sat quietly smoking, rambling, and slurring his speech. Check the video out and see for yourself.

Not 100% sure if the funny man behind the Rick James “F*ck Yo Couch* skit has infact lost his funny or if he’s just going through a rough time. Jamie Foxx recently said in an interview that as a comedian, in order to sustain your funny, you basically have to stay/be funny at all times. Could Chappelle’s long hiatus from the spotlight been the result of his not so great comedy show?