Help Freddie Gibbs Donate School Supplies

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Freddie Gibbs is all about his hustle, so it’s no surprise that he’s helping launch a GoFundMe campaign to improve local schools. The Gary, Indiana native wants to provide students in his hometown a chance at a better education by raising money for school supplies. Gangsta Gibbs recollected on his own personal struggle while attending school:

“I remember I used to go school with guys who couldn’t afford notebooks, pens, paper; the necessary tools needed in order to survive in school. It’s a lot of kids in Gary who are at a disadvantage without that.”

While rappers often make the headlines for bad news, as a hip-hop community we should support such a positive cause.

“Growing up in Gary there was little opportunity for a kid like me to make something of myself. Not having the basic supplies that every other kid in any other city had left a lot of us with little motivation to do well in school and turned a lot of us to darker paths. By helping these students aquire [sic] the basic supplies every student needs and deserves you will be maximizing their chances at a brighter future.”