STAY SCHEMIN: Hender Scheme Sneakers

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Check out these lux sneakers from Japanese brand, Hender Scheme that are hand-made raw un-dyed leather, designed to look like some of our favorite sneakers. Traditionally where taught to keep our sneakers clean and try our best not to get them dirty. This brand actually promotes the opposite. The more worn in and weathered they get, more the leather starts to oxidize (basically like when your mom or girls Louis Vuitton bag strap start to change color from light brown to dark brown), giving them unique and distinct look to each leather.

Here’s what they look like after broken in and oxidized:

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Because these sneakers are hand made, not massed produced and made from all natural un-dyed leather, there gonna run you a pretty penny. Hender Scheme sneakers run anywhere in price from $1,000- $1,500.

What are your thoughts on these? Would you send +$1,000 on these lux interpretation of your favorite sneakers?