Hennessy Gets An Artistic Redeisgn

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Celebrating its 250-year anniversary, go-to cognac brand Hennessy gives its classic 750 ML bottle an interesting and cool new look as apart of its on-going artist collaborative series.

Tapped to design this year’s bottle, New York artist Ryan McGinness known for his art that examines public and corporate icons with a formula he describes as “elements < compounds < mixtures.” Through his art, McGinness has elevated the status of the icon into the realm of fine art.

Previous artists that have been giving the opportunity to design for the iconic and global brand have been, KAWS, Futura, Os Gemeos and Shepard Fairey. If you’re a true fan of art and the brown juice, be sure to get your hands on a bottle while supplies last.

Bottles are out in about at liquor stores nationwide, but in limited quantity. Good luck getting your hands on a bottle.

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