HHMW Tackles Rap’s NFL Super Bowl XLIX Lyric References

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Logo Super Bowl XLIX Preview

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Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and to celebrate America’s favorite unofficial national holiday, we compiled a gallery of punchlines referencing New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks personnel. Be prepared for lyrical references to Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Bill Belichick, and more. Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend!

See which players have been name-dropped by rappers in our slideshow below.!

Ball Super Bowl XLIX Preview

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Eminem – Baby

tom brady New England Patriots Practice

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Nobody’s crazy as Shady in an eighty million mile radius
I’m what Tom Brady is to the Patriots to rap

Joe Budden – Dear Diary

bill belichick sideline 1

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I can’t describe the feeling I get
You was riding shotgun, I was wheeling the whip
Shit, I even let you rock out
Being Bill Belichick, tapin’ from the sidelines, stealin’ my sh*t