Hip Hop Sadly Mourns The Death Of Another Legend In 2016

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It looks like hip hop won’t ever catch a break in 2016. Travesty and devastation have served as underlying themes this year. We’ve watched a myriad of icons and talents wither away into oblivion because of either gun violence or health reasons. Sadly, another integral figure passed away this past Monday (June 6) to add to the list of people we’ve lost in 2016.

DJ White Owl

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DJ White Owl Passes Away

DJ White Owl

Source: Instagram @djsuperstarjay

This past Monday, a close friend and artist by the name of Pokerface, was the first to reveal Owl’s untimely demise. “Rest in Peace Rob,” he wrote. “I’ll see you on the other side. Just gotta be strong and tell you thank you. See you in heaven my brother.” While details regarding his death remains unknown, we hope to soon find out the cause of his passing.

Owl’s Accomplishments

2012 MTV Video Music Awards – Show

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Owl was known for breaking new records for the likes of Lil Wayne, The Diplomats, Nipsey Hussle, and more. In addition, his poignant tagline “DJ White Owl, drop that!” helped him a carve out a unique space in a congested mixtape circuit. He was instrumental during Lil Wayne’s “Mixtape Weezy” era and ushered in a new wave of music from the Young Money rapper.