Hip Hop’s Greatest Hypemen We Often Overlook

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The most overlook position of the rap game is the hype-man. Oftentimes, people are inept in regards to what these guys bring to the table. These guys help instill energy and fervor into every performance. They might not be the LeBron James of their crew, but there’s nothing wrong with being a James Jones, a reliant player who thrives under pressure when his number is called. These guys are clutch under the bright lights.

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival – Night 2 – Show

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Spliff Star

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 – Audience and Show

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Nobody can undermine the worth of Spliff Star. Busta Rhymes is arguably one of the best performers of all-time, but credit does have to go to his hype-man, Spliff, who’s been able to match Busta’s overactive energy and deliver scintillating performances.


Earlier this week was the 10th year anniversary of Proof’s passing. Proof was very instrumental to the career of Eminem, as he served as not only his hype-man, but best friend.