Hip Hop’s True Renaissance Man: A Retrospective of the Career of Sean “Puffy” Combs

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While Puffy worked on promoting Craig Mack’s album, he also had a talented young rapper emerging out of Brooklyn that he was grooming behind the scenes by the name of Biggie Smalls. Puffy knew that Biggie Smalls would be the one to take his Bad Boy record label to the next level. After gaining some notoriety for Biggie’s 1993 single “Party & Bullshit” off the Who’s The Man movie soundtrack, Puffy was ready to introduce Biggie Smalls to the world.

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To get his Bad Boy record label off the ground, Puffy, being the marketing genius that he is, took the names of his two main artists Craig Mack and The Notorious B.I.G. and came up with the “B.I.G. Mack” marketing campaign similar to the popular cheeseburger at Mickey D’s restaurants worldwide.

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After releasing the classic remix to Craig Mack’s 1993 hit “Flava In Your Ear” that featured well known rappers like Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J, Bad Boy Records went from a not so well known label in Hip-Hop to one of the most popular labels in the entire music industry. Sean Combs had made it!

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