I’LL WHIP YOUR HEAD BOY: Sub Teacher Beats Students With Belt

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How many times have we heard parents (or grandparents) regale us with stories getting smacked on the hand or hit by a teacher if they stepped out of line when they were kids? On Friday, May 15th at Prince George’s County Public Schools in Brandywinde, MD a teacher did just that — but may have taking it a lil’ too far.

A video was captured by a student once a teacher, whose name the school district doesn’t reveal, was seen beating kids with a belt. YES, folks — a belt! From the looks of it, it’s unclear if the teacher tried breaking up the fight or simply reprimanding the students. Either way, the school district is not making any excuses and say  the substitute teacher’s used improper actions to discipline the students.

What would you do if a teacher beat your child with a belt?