In The Game Getting Tipsy — Guess Which NFL Team’s Fanbase Gets The Most Drunk At Games

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Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Listen, it’s damn near impossible going to a sporting event without taking a sip of beer. The likelihood of that happening is very high. Now, when it comes to drinking in moderation, several NFL teams’ fanbases lack self control.

According to BacTrack — a company that sells smartphone breathalyzers — guess which fanbase gets the most tipsy?

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Credit: BacTrack

The Buffalo Bills’ fans are considered to be the most drunkest fans in the NFL! By using the first seven Sundays in the NFL season and dividing the fans of NFL teams on Twitter, Vinepair created this info graph to display the fan biggest drunken fanbases in the U.S. After Buffalo came Detroit, Philly, and Cleveland. Check out the map to see where your NFL team stands in terms of drunkenness. Please make sure to SHARE with your friends.