Is Funk Flex To Old For Hip-Hop Beef?

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Today we’re celebrating the birth of Aston George Taylor, Jr. aka “Funkmaster Flex.” A New Yorker by way of the “Boogie Down Bronx” is one of the most popular DJ’s and most recognized voice/face for radio as he’s been (and still is) working Hot 97, the heart of hip-hop/urban radio in NYC.

Flex is what you call the epicenter of the NY music hip-hop scene, as he’s known for having the best artist sit in on his show with freestyle sessions, interviews, and also known for being the “Don King “on some of the biggest rap feuds in hip-hop history.

Flex himself has know to even have his own battles with rival stations, and other disc jockeys in the past. Has he won all of these battles? It’s arguably up in the air  but as yet to back down from a challenge.

Most recently, Flex has been the center of attention for this Drake/Meek feud and fans/critics say he’s to old to play this game. The real question is if it wasn’t Flex, then who would promote and build these feuds for it to be legendary?

We have to remember hip-hop is a gladiator and competitive sport and we need a platform for it to be held. And on that note — thanks Flex for lighting the torch on this sport.

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