Is Hip Hop Becoming Less Homophobic? [OP-ED]

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Hip Hop is a very macho and ego-driven genre. Masculinity makes up a very big portion of a rapper’s make-up in the game. Constantly, rappers are berated by a horde of critics and fans whenever they say or do anything questionable. If they lack that “hardness” or macho persona, we often fail to take them seriously. But, as we inch closer to 2016, the daunting question continues to hoover over in hip hop – Is homosexuality still a big deal or nah?

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Is Hip Hop Becoming Less Homophobic

Love & Hip Hop

Miles and Milan from love and hip hop

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In Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, rapper, Miles – also known as Siir Brock – was the first rapper to come out of the proverbial closet in the rap community. While he isn’t a distinguished artist, the sheer notion of having a black man present himself as a gay man on a national platform was certainly new to the scene. His ability to muster up the courage to expose his truths and reality on television, certainly alleviated some of the pressure today’s potential artists may face. But, as mentioned earlier, his name is relatively unknown. So will his decision enable other rappers to come out?

Play Dress Up

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When Young Thug arrived on the scene, he dazzled many of his poignant hooks. While he was able to grab listeners because of his infectious bangers, many began questioning the rapper’s sexuality. On numerous times, Thug has posted very cryptic messages, which were very eyebrow raising. While he does continue to call other men “bae”, he is constantly around his fiancee, Jerika Karlae. In any case, Thug’s behavior signifies his openness with his sexuality and in some instances, pokes fun at everyone who throws darts at him. Rappers are dressing very metro and are completely fine with it. A$Ap Rocky, Lil Wayne, Kanye West all dress very metro and have eluded all doubts of their sexuality over the years and in fact, are being dubbed fashion geniuses. It appears people are warming up to the idea of looking and even acting homosexual, but will the idea of being one, make its way through hip hop’s gates?