Is Juicy J’s Rap’s Raunchiest Writer??

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If there’s one thing that we know about Juicy J, it’s that he absolutely has no filter whatsoever. He will rap about doing X, Y, Z, with your lovely lady and have little regrets about it afterwards.  He doesn’t care it all what spills out of his mouth. Let’s just say, no one under 18 should be mouthing off these lyrics, or even try to reenact it one bit.

78th Annual Academy Awards – Arrivals

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Check Out Juicy J’s Raunchiest Lyrics on the Following Pages.

Juicy J – “All I Need”

Power 106 FM Presents Powerhouse – Anaheim, CA

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All I need is one more skank, dirty p*ssy, suck my d*ck
Scary movie, I let her use me, all in her mouth
My d*ck in her booty, we all on the couch, the cameras is out
And she say she a virgin, b*tch, shut the f*ck uuupp!

Juicy J – “Film”

Terrence Howard & Juicy J Visit BET’s “106 & Park”

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Face like Halle Berry, monster ball sequel
We finna try more thangs
That p*ssy so good, it keep Juicy J coming back like a time machine
I give it to her til she tap out
Watch her leg shake, blow the back out
And when I’m done with the p*ssy I mash out