Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant?

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Is Nicki Minaj pregnant? That and more in the latest hip hop news. This week: Young Thug in a tutu, Kim is naked again, Nicki Minaj is pregnant (or not), and we celebrate Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s birthday with a video ode to The Donk. Check it all out in our weekly news roundup. The 411 at 4:11 is the best way to catch hip hop weekly news.

In Young Thug’s new spread for Dazed magazine he wears what? (watch the video to find out) Say what you want, but the boy has his own sense of style. And Nicki Minaj is PREGNANT?!?!?!? That’s what everyone is speculating anyway after her crotch-grabbing, “baby father” calling performance with Meek Mill. This story is still developing, growing, in-utero… Eh, we’ll figure it out. There’s other news this week starring one of our fav women:

Kim Kardashian is naked…again. And, ever wonder how El Chapo and other drug cartel masterminds spend their money? Finally, this week in Hip Hop History: This week we celebrate Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s birthday and thank him for all the love he has for big butts. We at HHMW also love big butts, we have a great video we created dedicated to the donk.

You’re definitely going to want to watch this one after you check out this week’s news. And don’t forget to SHARE what you know by sharing this video.
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