Is THIS Down South Rapper a Future Legend? We Definitely Think So.

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Let’s play a little game. Can you guys guess which rapper dropped four projects in a matter of a year? In addition, can you guess which rapper has secured three number one albums in a 365 day period? You would be surprised. It wasn’t Drake. It wasn’t Kendrick Lamar. The future legend of a rapper crushed 2015 and is on pace to have a monstrous 2016.

Future is indeed the man we’re gushing over. Look at his resume. He has peddled us projects laced with infectious hooks and addicting anthems that lived in every notorious club and car radio. “March Madness” was the braggadocios record we were salivating for from Super. “Commas” was the  banger that motivated everyone to chase the almighty dollar, whether it be legally or illegally. After grappling with a slew of issues stemming for his messy fallout with Ciara, to his pedestrian sales on Honest, Future did a complete 180 and became a wrecking ball. The proverbial walls of rap has been knocked over and forgotten because of his relentless work ethic.

Hate it or love it, Future is on the cusp of some legendary sh*t.

Future performs during the Governors Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island Park in New York, on June 5, 2015

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Consider this: Dirty Sprite 2, What a Time to Be Alive, and EVOL have all charted at number one in a matter of eight months. In eight months, Super churned out three number one projects in less than a year. If that doesn’t cement him as one of the best out, if not the best right now, then please retire my pen. In the midst of dropping all of these scintillating projects, Future has also dropped a mixtape in Purple Reign. The intoxicating hook for “Inside the Mattress” still gets plays consistently.

What Future is doing is unprecedented. I understand the whole spiel about over saturating the market. That’s bogus. If the man continues to sprinkle the game with bangers on bangers, who are we to say, “Hey bruh, can you chill out?” People are buying the products. People are going to the shows. People are asking for more and more. The scary thing about Future is that he has more in store for 2016.

You can’t deny it. Just embrace it. Future is on his way to be a legend in the game. We’ve accepted it. We’ll leave the keys to the bandwagon over here.

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