Jay-Z Producing Meek Mill Documentary

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Meek Mill may have done his time but is not done speaking out about criminal reform. Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Amazon are in the works of producing a documentary based on Meek Mill’s fight for exoneration. The film will walk through his struggles with the law enforcement dating back to the beginning of his career.

He was initially sentenced jail time due to a violation of his probation. The controversial topic has been widely discussed over his 5 months time imprisoned. Many believe he was unfairly sentenced with the account of his race and career profile. The rapper notes the U.S. system is “made to keep minorities trapped forever.”

Source: Instagram @meekmill

Meek has publicly addressed his thoughts during his sentence and hopes to be a spokesman for other rappers and people of color who feel wrongly accused. He stated post-release he “would be in prison” still if it wasn’t for his high profile support. The documentary will touch upon not only his experiences, but the whole racial injustice in the judicial system. Rappers have been plagued with links to crime for years.

The documentary is set to be released sometime in 2019. Meek Mill will be working closely with Jay-Z’s team, along with Amazon to make this possible. The director is said to be Isaac Solotaroff for his specialty in bringing stories to life in previous works.

Meek Mill is now free to travel again and get back to his music career.

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