Jay-Z Tells David Letterman What Makes a Good Rapper

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Two seasoned veterans of entertainment have recently come together to create a special production for their fans. Jay-Z doesn’t do interviews for just anyone, just as David Letterman doesn’t host many figures that aren’t relevant to pop culture. That’s why it was a special event when Jay-Z was welcomed as a guest on David Letterman’s new Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Letterman’s new Netflix show features him interviewing iconic figures such as President Barrack Obama, George Clooney, and Howard Stern. The episodes are released monthly, and consist of intimate interviews that involve Letterman doing deep dives into topics and ideas with the guests he hosts.

With the first episode airing January 12, there aren’t many shows available so far online. However, a portion of David Letterman’s interview with Jay-Z has been made available by Netflix via their YouTube account. The clip is only about half a minute, but it gives a glimpse into what seems to be a rich conversation had between the two media moguls. In the clip, Jay-Z discusses the elements of what makes a good rapper.

“You can have a great voice, right? And then you can almost say anything. I think Snoop Dogg has a great voice. Like he can say, ‘one, two, three and to the four.’ And it’s like ‘Oh, my god!’ It just sounds good! It just sounds really good. Or you can be someone like Eminem and just have amazing cadence and almost like the syncopation…(imitates Eminem’s flow)… it almost become like a percussion inside the music. There’s multiple ways to become really good. Some people just have it all.”

The full episode with Jay-Z will be aired Friday, April 6. If you’re hungry for a more in lengthy, in depth interview of Jay-Z before then, check out his Rap Radar interview he did back in 2017 below.