Jeezy Has Some Adoring Friends In HIGH Places

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Jeezy is arguably one of the big names in Southern rap, and he’s becoming a hip hop veteran to the game with his powerful influence. The Atlanta hit-maker has been putting out tons of quality music to us for over a decade, and he’s earned millions of fans for it, with some of them being some big figures in both music and sports. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest big name Jeezy fans out there.

jeezy at hov bsides tidal show

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Check out Jeezy’s big name fansĀ on the following pages.

President Obama

During a White House Correspondence Dinner, Obama said that he was going to spend the next year listening to Young Jeezy, giving him the ultimate co-sign. The rapper also made the hit track “My President Is Black” in honor of him first earning the title of President in 2008.

Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas has made it known that he is an avid fan of Jeezy over the years, as the sportscaster used to commonly tweet his lyrics out. The two came face-to-face a few years ago, where Bilas shared his love for the rapper.