Jim Jones Just Blasted Cam’ron…Could This Be The End Of Dipset Forever?

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It’s no secret that Jim Jones and Cam’ron haven’t been on the best of terms for some time. But we always thought it was just some brotherly quarrels. The two have been making music and coming up together since Dipset. The Dipset reunion was supposed to lead to an album, a lengthy tour and much more, but unfortunately, Jimmy and Cam can’t seem to get on the same page. Jim’s latest Instagram post is proof that things might just be falling apart.

jim jones beef cam’ron

Source: Instagram @ijmjonescapo

Find out what Jim wrote about Cam’ron in his latest Instagram post.

A few months back, Jim Jones revealed that Cam had blocked him on Instagram.

jim jones cam’ron

Source: Instagram @jimjonescapo

Jim was making a tribute post to the 13th anniversary of the Diplomats debut album. He wrote: “13 yrs ago today us we did that #DipSet somebody tell #KillaCam to unblock me lol.” Fans were pretty confused as to why the two might be feuding. Soon enough, they bombarded Cam with comments to unblock him.

Cam refuses to unblock Jimmy on Instagram.

cam’ron jim jones beef

Source: Instagram @duskopoppington

Cam not only say that he won’t be unblocking Jim on Insta, without explanation, but threatened to block those that were telling him to do so. This looked like the beginning of the end.