Joey Badass & Troy Ave Take Shots at Each Other via Twitter

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Joey Badass and Troy Ave

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

It looks like Troy Ave’s recent rants on the radio and social media defending his first week (and rather poor) album sales of his debut album Major Without A Deal are getting some people upset. Brooklyn rapper Joey Badass seems to have been offended by Troy Ave’s claims about being the number one independent hip hop artist in the world. Joey Badass sold 57,000 units of his debut album B4.Da.$$ in his first week and his album also debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. B4.Da.$$ also topped the Top R&B Hip-Hop/Rap Albums and Rap Album charts debuting at No. 1 on both charts. So, according to these stats, it seems that Joey Badass had every right to hop on Twitter and defend his title yesterday.

Troy Ave was still not pleased with all of Joey Badass’ stats claiming that Joey Badass is just a “fake independent’ and he is actually signed to multiple record labels. Joey Badass quickly backed Troy Ave’s tweet up with more facts eventually shutting Troy Ave down. The way we see it, both rappers win this round because we all know that no publicity is bad publicity. Especially for Troy Ave who needs way more publicity than Joey Badass at this point in his career. Read all the tweets from the two rappers below.



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