Juicetails: Healthy Juice Infused Cocktails

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Use freshly pressed fruit to make a cocktail infused with your favorite spirit

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Healthy juice meet cocktail.

Cocktail meet healthy juice.

The juicetail is born! These two are a pair in happy hour heaven. I know you might be thinking – why on earth would I want to spoil my cocktail hour with something of health value? Think of it this way: detox while you wind down. Substituting juice for sugary pre-made mixes and full-fat sodas will help you stay slim while enjoying a night out. Similar to eating clean, drinking clean will make you feel better and give you more energy.

Beets, kale, carrots, pomegranates, and ginger are all juicing ingredients that are invading the luxury bar scene. Pear and apple seem to pair particular well with the spirit mezcal and don’t forget to experiment with organic vodka.

Another advantage of the juicetail is that it serves as a serious hangover remedy. Feel your best and enjoy the warm months ahead. You don’t have to spend $15 for a cocktail though. All you need is a juicer and you will be enjoying a juicetini in the comforts of your own home.