Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Gets Physical With Paps and Justin Complains About His ‘Tough’ Life

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According to his 52.7 million followers, numerous numbers of Belieber fan clubs and a fortune estimated at $80 million, Justin Bieber is living the dream that most other kids at his ripe age of 20 would die for.

But according to Bieber, his life is tough.

This past weekend while attending a 4th of July party on a yacht in Miami, one of Bieber’s bodyguards gave one of the paparazzi’s a stiff forearm shove.

Justin calls over one of the female photographer to complain to her about how difficult his life has become. “This is so ridiculous. Look what happens in my life.”

Check out the video on TMZ and let us know…Does Justin really have anything to complain about, I mean trouble really has been his middle name this year but do you think it’s self inflicted or just the pressure of dealing with fame?